For Agencies


Looking to provide beaver-based resources for your community? We can help!

Contact us to learn about these resources and "how to's" available through the cooperative:

  • Community Focused Outreach Materials on:
    - Informational booklets about beavers
    - Attracting beavers to your property
    - Problem beaver solutions handout and advice
  • Beavers in our Landscape Workshop
  • Creating a community nursery to expand beaver food cuttings
  • Field trips to view beaver activity
  • K-12 Beaver Education

We also have resources for your restoration projects and planning:

  • Beaver inventories/surveys and trail camera monitoring
  • Technical assistance around BeaverHOODs - providing what beavers need to succeed with BDAs and beaver biomimicry.
  • Vegetation assistance for beaver habitat
  • Low-cost, quick win solutions to get your work started
  • Creative funding solutions for your projects

Contact us to learn more

Watersheds...or "Water Catchments"?
Watersheds of long ago - before Euro American trapping and settlement - functioned more as water catchments, slowing and capturing and rainfall and snow melt through beaver works naturally abundant on our high desert landscapes.

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