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Western Beavers is a grassroots-led campaign of folks working to support natural beaver recovery on eastern Oregon landscapes by combining scientific expertise, extensive field experience and volunteer enterprise, as a vehicle for collaboration between diverse private and public land owners and land managers, as well as natural resource agencies and academic researchers.

The goal of this collaboration is the application of science-based best practices to create habitat conditions conducive to the success of natural beaver recovery.

The Cooperative provides resources, technical advice and sharing of ideas, 'beaver learnings' and best practices that include:

  • Outreach and educational materials such as handouts, workshops, webinars, and more.
  • DIY solutions to address problem beaver situations
  • Stream surveys & beaver occupancy monitoring
  • Habitat assessments and recommendations to give beavers what they need to succeed
  • Tapping creative funding sources
  • Organizing and managing volunteer-based work crews