Webinar: Beavers in Our Landscape

Webinar: Beavers in Our Landscape

Living with beavers for watershed resilience

Whether you love them, hate them, want to understand them, think you need them, or just want to learn how to live with them, you will find this webinar useful. Developed for working landowners, stewards, natural resource managers and anyone curious about beavers in our high desert landscapes.

Topics included:

  • Beaver basics – Natural history, ecology and behavior
  • Water dynamics– How beaver engineering can enhance resilience, with case studies (Presented by Skuyler Herzog, Ph.D. Hydrologist, Associate Professor OSU-Cascades)
  • Opportunities and challenges – Beaver Dam Analogues (BDAs), habitat and addressing conflicts
  • Q&A – An opportunity for participants to ask questions and discuss beaver management issues, options and information needs.

Offered in Collaboration with Crooked River Watershed Council.