Operation Beaver Food

Building Beaver Food Supplies for the Future

Did you know that entire willow and cottonwood trees can be grown from just one small stick in the ground?

Indeed, over thousands of years Beavers, willows and cottonwood trees evolved together in a symbiotic way, while shaping wetland waterways throughout eastern Oregon landscapes.

From a beaver's perspective, willows and cottonwoods serve two purposes, providing both food to eat, and construction materials to dam and den build.

In their actions of tree and branch cutting, the Beavers help propagate more trees, as loose sticks float downstream and often grow into full grown cloned trees.

(Beaver cut trees don't die, but like good tree pruning, become stronger.)

This matters, because one of the biggest limiting factors to natural beaver recovery is a lack of food.

Interested in establishing a "beaver food cutting bed" to seed future beaver restoration projects within your community?

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