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Western Beavers has been monitoring this reach of the Deschutes River Basin since April 2020. We salute the human neighbors in this Riverhood who've adapted their landscapes over the years to live harmoniously with their wild River Neighbors - through tree fencing, tree painting and river litter cleanups. In doing so, enjoying a rich diversity of wildlife just outside their doors. Learn more about this Riverhood here.

Sep 2020 Lots of new beaver sticks chewed but only the young one not the big daddy for a couple days.

Trail Camera (infrared) triggers of beavers and muskrats being good river neighbors.

Beaver in the moonlight

Monitoring the new den where a youngster and a large adult are seen eating, and diving down under the bank. Beavers share their dens with lots of wildlife, including otters. But interesting and good that they visit at different times.

A young beaver checks back in at this dam built last winter on Oct. 20 and Oct. 24 The water level was too low for much activity all summer and early fall but now that irrigation season completed early Oct., we are seeing increased water levels and higher flows on the river. Beavers now will try and keep this back channel a good slow water way for them to travel from their bank lodge(s) and forge for vegetation this winter.

Crawdad Home, Keystone Light


A day in the life of a beaver family at small stream near Prineville.

We caught this beaver pair on camera mutually grooming just outside of their den.

This otter family moved into a favorite beaver pond, checking out one of the beaver family's favorite grooming station.


Wildlife like the Blue Heron, thrives in the habitat created by beaver activity.

We caught this beaver creating a scent mound, important to establish his family's home range area along the river.

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