Beavers Back in Time

Crane Creek, Oregon – Part 1 1925 – 1936 Read this delightful story of one operator’s experiences when beavers were removed from his property, and then returned again.

Beavers are American Engineers!

Not long ago, water held longer on Oregon landscapes as beavers occupied streams through every corner of the state. Waters were slowed, valley bottom floors widened over time as sediment, and rich soils built up, which increased forageable areas. These stream flows remained throughout the year, even during severe drought. All of this is thanks …

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Frogs need water

Frogs need water. The word amphibian comes from Greek meaning double life- one on land and one in water. Colombia spotted frogs are a combination of olive green and light brown with a mix of black spots. They have a light-colored strip along their upper lip. Their back feet are webbed more than other frogs …

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Trumpeter swan and beaver

A call like no other The beaver builds the ponds that the trumpeter swan looks for. The swan glides in with a wingspan of 8 feet. This bird is the biggest waterbird in the air, the original jumbo jet. They’re a graceful big bird, a cursive shape made up of bright white feathers and black …

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Remember to Play

It’s easy to be a little jealous of otters. They have the DNA to juggle rocks, use tools, and play well with each other. They are naturally irresistible. According to Indigenous beliefs, otters reminds us of the power of play; life is a gift; don’t worry so much; stop fighting the current. Detach from problems, …

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